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Linguistic Gymnastics

God forbid they call this “fetus” what it really is – a child. If an 8-month fetus survives a C-section, it’s called a baby. If it survives being removed by psychos, it’s still a fetus. If a child dies after birth, it’s called a dead baby. If it dies after a murder and amateur surgery, […]

A Study in Contrasts

I always find it fascinating how different news outlets cover the same story. As an example, here are four stories, two from Reuters and two from AP. Notice the distinct differences in tone and presentation. Frail Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Mass (Reuters) Pope Struggles Through Lourdes Sermon, Needs Water (Reuters) Frail Pope Celebrates Mass at […]

Global Village Idiocy

A Liberal Slant to the News? by Nat Hentoff In my experience, the two groups most acutely sensitive to criticism are cops and journalists. During the Giuliani years, fear of retribution was so great that some New Yorkers were hesitant to ask a cop for his or her badge number. As for journalists, Bernard Goldberg’s […]

Blog Ethics

The following articles present blogs as something more than a fad, more than leisure-time rambling. Blogs can be a powerful tool. They offer a chance to bypass traditional media. I have often heard that professional journalism is unbiased. Bullfeathers. If you've never read a liberally-slanted newspaper, watched a conservative news report, or listened to reactionary […]