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Libertarians at the Pitt News?

The Pitt News, like most college newspapers, is know more for articles written by liberals and libertines than libertarians. Nevertheless, in the last few months I’ve noticed several editorials that present or at least hint at libertarian ideals. Here’s a sampling. Give me your impressions in the comments.

One of America’s Great Student Newspapers

The Pitt News bills itself as “one of Amercia’s great student newspapers”. If only it were. Then again, maybe it is. *shudder* In the 11 years I’ve been in Pittsburgh, I’ve watched the quality of writing and journalistic integrity of the Pitt News wax and wane with the arrival and graduation of classes. When it’s […]

Man Boobs

It’s hard to argue with this guy’s logic. Then again, St. Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God sounds good at first, too. That is, until you really pick it apart. So I leave it to my compitent readers. What’s wrong with this argument? “I usually don’t send out pure opinion pieces, but let […]

Cheney Shot His Friend, Not the Prime Minister of England

I’m listening to Jerry Bowyer right now. He just read an email that described an amusing antedote to much ado about bird shot. Let’s send as many brown paper bags as possible to the major news outlets so they can stop hyperventilating. 😉

Religion of Peace?

[On 02/26/06 I changed the title of this entry.  I did so not because I feared personal retribution from radical Muslims but because I feared for Christians in less safe parts of the world, like Nigeria. –  Funky] "Cast of ‘Will and Grace’, in fear for their lives, go into hiding after lampooning Christians. "Oh. […]