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I’m 34% geeky (total geek)! The Geek Test

Buffy the Trek Slayer

That’s a first. Trekkies are MORE mature than somebody. A Buffy-eat-Trekkie world Star Trek conventions attract new members Interests expand beyond original purpose NICK MCCABE-LOKOS “When you’re used to being the only group of rabid fans with countless conventions dedicated to your obsession, sharing might be a hard lesson to learn.”

ET Phone Me

Someday I gotta build one of these. It would put my electrical engineering skills to the test. πŸ™‚ Amateur SETI Station

User Friendly

Every once in a while I need to plug my favorite comic strip User Friendly. Head on over there and succumb to productivity virus. Then drop on by the Undernet IRC channel #userfriendly. Then hop on over to http://www.iamevil.net to see what some of us goofy people look like. πŸ™‚