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Dean Gray Tuesday…er…Wednesday

I didn’t get around to posting this yesterday, so I’ll tell folks about it now. Actually, I’ll let BoingBoing explain. Today is Dean Gray Tuesday, a net-wide day of protest over Warner Brothers attempt to censor a stupendous noncommercial mashup album called American Edit that remixes Green Day’s album American Idiot. For today, websites across […]

Absolut Bull$#!%

I’m a big fan and supporter of parody and I loathe petty litigation. The image posted here is brought to you by the fine folks at 2 Political Junkies. I’m not associated with them, by the way. The reason I have my own copy of the image is just in case they have to take […]

This Song is My Song

I’m sure by now most have heard that the hilarious JibJab parody of “This Land” by Woody Guthrie is under attack from the copyright owners of the latter. BoingBoing has added an interesting twist to the debate. ‘Twould seem good ol’ Guthrie wasn’t particularly anal about copyrights himself.

Fair Use

I’m not a fan of government-imposed censorship and I believe that parents should take a more active role in what their children watch on TV and movies. Hollywood is trying on multiple fronts to eradicate customers’ fair use rights. One of their targets is parent’s right to control what his children watch. Several months ago, […]