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The Vocation of Marriage and Parenthood

When Funky encouraged me to write a post about my desire for a large family and my friendships with people who already have large families, I could hardly believe my good fortune: this is my opportunity to fulfill my subversive plot to…..(cue B movie horror music)……change Ales Rarus into a MOMMY BLOG!!! (maniacal laughter echoing). […]

Plan B: Literature Review (Part I)

The mode of action of [emergency contraception, EC] has become he subject of heated debate in North America and in several Latin American and Caribbean countries. The main question is centred on whether or not EC prevents pregnancy by interfering with post-fertilization events. This issue is of importance for many people who consider that a […]

Plan B: Preview of Literature Review

In order to satisfay my own curiousity and my critics , I've begun a review scientific literature related to the question of whether or or not Plan B is abortifacient . Here are the articles currently on my reading list. Feel free to suggest others. Croxatto HB, Devoto L, Durand M, Ezcurra E, Larrea F, […]

Plan B: Not Abortifacient But Not a Panacea Either

When Karina at Netscape.com linked to yesterday's post about Plan B, she lumped me in with those whose "buzz on this ruling is overwhelmingly positive". While I do not believe that Plan B is abortifacient, and therefore needn't be fought by pro-lifers as such, that does not mean that I think over-the-counter access to it […]

Investigating NFP: The Great Embryo Killer? (Update)

Some updates regarding Bovens' bunkum: The NY Times printed a reasonably fair article about the paper – a welcome contrast to many articles that proceded it . Bovens has responded to his critics. I'd intended to fisk his inadequate responses, but others have already done that far better than I ever could.