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Self-Preservation and Job Security

A recent post, 96% of Ordinary People Know That Modern Art is Crap and Artists Are Pompous Narcissists, reminded me of the simple fact that every field is self-preservative. That is to say, of course art professors are going to say that people need to be educated, and need to be “woken up,” or something to that effect. They’re art professors and gallery owners! If people don’t need their art, who will buy it? And then there goes the nice condo in downtown Manhattan, and hello burger-flipping job.

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Say Something Nice to Someone

How many times have you been walking around, feeling kinda crappy, and someone says something nice, and it just makes your whole day better? Friends are there for each other when you need them, but it is the unasked for gestures, the giving just to give that can make people really happy. Being there for someone means being there when they don’t need it as much as when they do. That is what I am blessed enough to have with my friends. I thank G-d everyday for them.

Be that person for someone else. Say those extra 5 words of encouragement, that extra compliment for no other reason than you care about that person. Even if you barely know them, it can mean just as much.

Ghandi said, “Be the change that you want to see”

Make the world better one gesture at a time.

Goin’ Down (or, a Young Woman’s Perspective on Why Oral Sex Sucks)

I am writing this post in response to two comments made on a post at Ambivablog on the teenage culture of oral sex. That post is a response to an Atlantic Monthly essay on the development of that culture. Essentially, Amba argues, the culture is bad for girls because it takes sexuality out of the larger context of the whole person. Amber Stuart responds in comments saying that this culture helps to build self esteem in both girls and boys. Amber Stuart's comments bother me for a number of reasons, both personally and philosophically; I will take each in turn. I think it important to note here, that this is not an argument against oral sex for all people in all situations (that can be discussed some other time), but against casual sexuality amongst teens. Continue reading

Ad (Non)Sense

[I’m a big fan of giving a voice to those who lack a forum, so here’s another piece by Shaun Pierce. In response to an ad in The Pittsburgh Catholic opposing single-issue voting, he wrote the following. – Funky]

Strangling Ourselves
By Shaun Pierce

Is anyone steering the Catholic ship? Or are we all dancing in the ballroom while the ice burg floats dead ahead?

After learning about the ad that ran in the Pittsburgh Catholic newspaper, words cannot begin to describe how disappointed, disgusted and abandoned I feel by some of my Catholic brothers and sisters right now. The ad teamed up local priests, the Association of Pittsburgh Priests and other so-called "Catholics" in what amounted to a "read between the lines" endorsement of. Sen. John Kerry.

My entire life, I have been taught moral right and wrong through the Roman Catholic Church.  We have seen evidence of a "do as I say, not as I do" mentality, but now that has been reduced to telling the faithful they don’t even have to do as the church or Christ says.

I have often wondered how one could be in Catholic leadership and not scream the teaching of the church over the noise of the world. Yet I can see how one could be hesitant these days knowing those around you would not support you and may even censure you. Stand against homosexuality and you are a bigot. Vote pro-life and you are narrow-minded. Call yourself a Catholic and some wonder if you are even a Christian.

If you peer though the stained glass windows of the Catholic Church today you might wonder what they are stained with. It used to be the blood of Christ but it seems to have been replaced with a social gospel that overwrites the salvation message. Or maybe it’s ecumenism that transforms the church into a generic faith with little or no difference from any other religion.

The Catholic Church is under attack from the inside out. Forget "Catholic Bashing" if you give us some time we will strangle ourselves with our own hands. Without teaching and upholding basic truths, it’s no wonder many have lost their faith in the Catholic Church and in some cases, Christ himself. We are propagating our own extinction!

Just because you slap a "Catholic" label on something does not mean the world must bow. Yet the Catholic church and in particular Bishop Wurel seem to do just that. I, as a Roman Catholic, am required to accept the authority of the Bishop. However, I’m also free to respectfully ask questions of him.

Like why he would engage in dialogue with the Association of Pittsburgh Priests, a group that constantly and publicly opposes the Vatican on issues of ordaining women, homosexuality and married clergy? Or why the Masonic headquarters in Ross Twp. was built on property owned by the North Side Catholic Cemetery? Or why was it that a so-called "catholic" homosexual group used two Catholic parishes? Or why was it that St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Cathedral was the location for the consecration of Rev. William Duncan as Bishop of the EPISCOPAL DIOCESE?

I sent a letter to Bishop Wuerl on May 26th of this year asking him to explain why Catholic politicians who support legalized abortion should not be denied Holy Communion. I have yet to get any response.

We sit with a puzzled look wondering why Catholic School enrollment is declining? Yet a deaf ear is turned to parents who voice concerns over the abandonment of spiritual teaching.  Even as adults that teaching is pushed aside of new age ideas, put your conscience above the word of God and let’s blend all religion into one.

Don’t misunderstand me; this is not an attack on the Catholic Church. I believe the teachings of the Church are the teachings of Christ himself. The written and official stance of the Church is correct. The problem is our Shepard’s have left the field and told the sheep "you are on your own".

I’m some sure some will ask. "Then why remain Catholic?" The answer to that is simple. If a baby has a dirty diaper do you throw out the baby? No, you change it. This election has brought into the light a much bigger question then who will lead our country. The question is who is leading our spiritual life? There are some who have proved they should not be in any church leadership role. If only we could vote them out of office!

My heart breaks for all good and faithful Catholics who seek to be true servants of Christ. We are in a desperate battle for our faith and identity against ungodly education, homosexual advocacy, destruction of schools and parishes, sex scandals, ecumenism, multi-centralism, married clergy, politics, money and the consistent attack of the Faith from inside the church. God have mercy on those who seek to lead the faithful astray.

Civic Duty

[In response to Bishop Wuerl's weak stance against pro-choice "Catholic" politicians, Shaun Pierce wrote the following letter. He has yet to receive a reply. – Funky]

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