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Bsp. Wuerl Goes to Washington

Well, apparently the rumors were true this time. I guess you can’t refuse promotion forever. "Pope Benedict XVI has appointed Bishop Donald W. Wuerl to succeed Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick as archbishop of Washington." […] " Archbishop-designate Wuerl will continue to serve as bishop of the Diocese of Pittsburgh until his installation as archbishop of […]

Wuerl to be Whisked Away to Washington?

"The fellow who comes should be a great leader. He should not be afraid of you people (in the media). He should be a holy man. He should be a great teacher, and he should teach more by example than with words. And he should be funny." – Cardinal McCarrick, Archbishop of Wasjington, DC Cardinal […]

Intelligent Design

"There seems to be in both extremes [of creationism and unguided evolution] an ‘either/or’ mentality: either everything as we know it was created as it is now by God in the beginning, or there was no creation or God of creation at all." …. "One can very comfortably believe that God is the Creator, and […]

Photo Op

Here’s a picture of me with the St. Paul Cathedral and Pittsburgh Oratory combined RCIA class of 2005 and Bishop Donald Wuerl. The angle isn’t so great, but there were other pictures taken from the direction everyone is looking. As soon as I have one of those, I’ll post it, too. 🙂

Ad (Non)Sense

[I’m a big fan of giving a voice to those who lack a forum, so here’s another piece by Shaun Pierce. In response to an ad in The Pittsburgh Catholic opposing single-issue voting, he wrote the following. – Funky] Strangling Ourselves By Shaun Pierce Is anyone steering the Catholic ship? Or are we all dancing […]