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Indult Masses

[I revised this post on 11/20 to remove some uncharitable statements. I apologize if they offended anyone. – Funky] This made me chuckle: "Some people are making a lot of noise about how disruptive [changes to the English Mass] will be. Perhaps. But what I think we’re seeing is mainly the nostalgic response of older […]

Attention, Tridentine Types

It seems that a number of my readers are fans of the Tridentine mass. Some are rad-trads; others aren’t. I’m curious just how many of my readers attend indult masses. If you do, please leave a comment and/or add a pin to my Frappr map. Heck, even if you don’t, you should still add a […]

God Save Us From Liturgists

Take a wild guess how much I appreciated what this guy had to say about the liturgy. Polarisation and liturgy …My second suggestion would be to strengthen the force of the abrogations of Paul VI, and make the old rite available only to elderly priests who celebrate it in private…