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An Exchange on Gay Christians (Part III)

Read Part I of "An Exchange on Gay Christians" Read Annie's response to Part I. Read Part II of "An Exchange on Gay Christians" Read Annie's response to Part II. Replace "homosexual" with "pedophile" Why?? Homosexuals are consenting and sometimes loving adults. Pedophiles are predators in a relation that cannot be consensual. In my view, […]

Mythical 81%

On November 23, the Catholic League released the following to the press. "According to news reports, the Vatican document says that while homosexuals must be respected, the Catholic Church 'cannot admit to seminaries and to holy orders those who practice homosexuality, who present deeply rooted homosexual tendencies or who support the so-called gay culture.'" "There […]

Poor Florida

Poor Florida can’t stay out of the spotlight. They have persistent voting troubles, they got slammed by a vicious hurricane, and apparently they have a frightening number of sexual predators. A new state law prohibits school bus stops from being within 1,000 yards of a pedophile on probation. That means that about 400 stops in […]

Still Learning

As bloggers go, I’m still basically an infant. I haven’t been doing this very long and I don’t really associate with the blogging crowd outside of a few sites on my blogroll. In other words, I’m still learning a lot about this crazy little thing called blog. For instance, I’m just now discovering just how […]

Sick in the Head

Innocent by reason of tumor? Frontal Lobe Tumor causes Pedophilia in a Man Science raises questions for criminal justice system Neurolgists at the University of Virginia reported that the removal of a frontal lobe tumor ended a male patient’s sexual behavior toward children. The patient had begun to have poor sexual impulse control several years […]