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Tired of This Guy

I am tired of George W. Bush. He’s on my TV right now, holding a press conference in the Rose Garden, going on and on about how Congress is so unreasonable not to let him drill for oil in Alaska or build new refineries. No word, however, on whether he would sink any money into […]

Seeing Red

Hundreds of thousands of people are dead or dying in the wake of the recent tsunamis. Why then is the richest and most powerful nation in the world spending $40 million to celebrate Bush’s second inauguration and buzzing Iranian airspace? Our resources are already spread too thinly. Should we really be partying or contemplating another […]

This Land is Hosed

The folks at JibJab.com have a hilarious parody of “This Land is My Land” that pokes fun at both Bush and Kerry. Thanks, Bluesnews. NOTE: There is a brief crude moment that mars an otherwise family-friendly video. P.S. Does anyone else think the voice impersonation for Kerry sounds like Link Hogthrob from the Muppet Show […]

Out of Touch

Democrats already hate Bush and now it seems 1 of 5 Republicans isn’t so found of him either. I’m not one of the conservatives mentioned in this article that finds Bush insufficiently conservative (mostly because I consider myself moderate). However, this article is of interest because it shows that Bush’s pale imitations of Reagan aren’t […]

Lip Service

In what seems to be an open attempt to appease and woo Catholic voters, Bush will be meeting with the Pope in June. I hope he isn’t looking for just a pat on the back and a smile. Pope to Ask Bush for Radical Shift in Policy, Says Cardinal Laghi Changes Sought in Approach to […]