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The State of the Ron Paul Campaign

Almost as though he were responding to my recent YouTube post, Ron Paul posted a video and an article updating his supporters on the state of the campaign. He says he’s in it for the long haul. I really hope he means it.

Ron Paul Sucked in the Florida Debate

Lousy Name, Great Concept

If you’re a Ron Paul supporter, and you haven’t donated to the “Free at Last” MLK money bomb, please consider doin so. Ron Paul Graphs explains: “‘m sure I’m not alone in saying this has been a depressing month… bad fundraising numbers.. disheartening scandal… poor showing in some early primary states… but with the 2nd […]

Ron Paul vs. Obama on the War

Obama is often touted as the true Democratic candidate for change in contrast to Clinton and the Neocon Republicans. One such change would then be ending  the war in Iraq and maybe trimming down our overseas empire–this would be a pleasant change, right? What would you say then if I told you that Obama wants […]

We Need New Ron Paul DVDs!

I’ve downloaded, burned, and watched four Ron Paul DVDs. Three came from RonPaulMessage.com and my favorite came from a torrent search. They all have strengths and weaknesses, but they all share a common flaw. They’re old.