We Need New Ron Paul DVDs!

I’ve downloaded, burned, and watched four Ron Paul DVDs. Three came from RonPaulMessage.com and my favorite came from a torrent search. They all have strengths and weaknesses, but they all share a common flaw.

They’re old.

We need new Ron Paul DVDs. Lots of good videos are making the rounds on YouTube, including the most recent Leno appearance and the South Carolina GOP debate (which by itself is a gold mine). Surely someone in the R[EVOL]UTION can put the best clips together into a slick DVD that we could hand out to voters.

The primary race is heating up, and we need all the help we can get to spread the message of peace, prosperity, and limited government as quickly as possible. The recent smear attack using racist comments in old newletters only makes campaigning harder.

We’re supposed to be part of “the next big thing”, Web 2.0, social networking, so-called “new media”, etc. Let’s prove it by keeping up with the heartbeat of the campaign. Fire up your editing software and get busy! Heck, maybe someone should host/sponsor a contest for best new Ron Paul DVD. Maybe that’d light a fire under people. 😉

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