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Faux News Advertising Ron Paul?

If I weren’t already a Ron Paul supporter, this article (at Faux News!) would likely have made me one. It reads like a greatest hits compilation of Dr. Paul’s policy ideas. Foreign Policy, Recession-Proofing the U.S. Dominate GOP Debate in South Carolina “The Republican candidates returned to their respective outposts on the campaign trail Friday, […]

A Message to Michigan Democrats and Independents

Michigan has its primary in six days, and has been punished by both parties for being early. However, while the Democrats have stripped Michigan’s entire delegation, the state still has a Republican delegation at the convention, albeit smaller. Your vote for a Democratic candidate has no direct influence on who gets nominated at the convention.

Reminder: Ron Paul and Polls

The aggregated NH polls at Pollster.com predicted the finishing order and vote percentages for the Republican primary, as I expected they would. Therefore, I’ll repeat my previous admonition here. What these polls show us about Ron Paul’s popularity should motivate us to act, and we ignore them at our campaign’s peril. The good doctor’s campaign […]

Copying Ron Paul

People are starting to notice candidates seemingly speaking from Ron Paul’s talking points. I noticed this one during the ABC/Facebook New Hampshire debate: “GOV. RICHARDSON: Charlie, I want us to just remember history. I want us to remember history. Years ago we backed the Shah of Iran, a dictator. We are paying for that policy […]

Ron Paul and Polls

As a Ron Paul supporter who’s watching net news with bated breath, I’ve noticed that the good doctor’s supporters seem to be rather distrusting of polls. The reasons range from criticisms of questionable statistical practices (e.g., land lines vs. mobile lines and so-called “likely voters”) to conspiracy theories. Having finally looked at some aggregated poll […]