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Divided We Fall?

There may be trouble on the horizon for the Ron Paul Revolution.

The trouble stems from recent good news out of the Constitution Party national convention. Delegates overwhelmingly rejected Alan Keyes, “a warmonger, neocon, and egomanic”, favor of Chuck Baldwin, a Baptist pastor who strongly supports Ron Paul. Adam Graham, who saw the CP convention as a farce, calls the selection of Baldwin, a candidate “you’ve never heard of”, “amazingly stupid“. Jim Powers calls it a “false start” for the Constitution Party.

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Copying Ron Paul

People are starting to notice candidates seemingly speaking from Ron Paul’s talking points. I noticed this one during the ABC/Facebook New Hampshire debate:

“GOV. RICHARDSON: Charlie, I want us to just remember history. I want us to remember history. Years ago we backed the Shah of Iran, a dictator. We are paying for that policy today by having backed a tyrant who repressed his people — unintended consequences.”

CBS news noticed this one:

Huckabee Sounding A Little Like Ron Paul

“Speaking to a packed gymnasium Sunday, Mike Huckabee sounded off on how politicians in Washington, D.C. had spent beyond their public mandate. He then threw in a line about money printing that could have come out of Ron Paul’s mouth. “

If you’ve noticed any candidate borrowing from Ron Paul, let me know in the comments. Please use quotes and links to articles and/or videos.

Concerns about Huckabee

I at first found Mike Huckabee to be an interesting character, as a possible bright point in the dismal lineup of presidential candidates. Unfortunately, his character did not bear up well when I looked at him further, and I’m sorry to see that some bloggers like Rod Dreher still think he’s a viable politician or sign of a genuine movement. This post is to show evidence that Mr. Huckabee would be a poor president.

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