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Got Tea?

Wow. Roughly 34,000 people pledged 100 dollars to today’s Tea Party online fundraiser for Ron Paul, which means $3.4M was pledged for today. It’s 2:30 and over $3M is already donated, with a $122 average donation. This does not include checks that get mailed in. We are well on the way to crushing the $4.2M […]

Further thoughts on Dr. Paul: Unity

I’ve thought about the presidential rhetoric promising to unify and heal our divided country. I tend to find it tiresome, but the ultra-parochial, no-compromises culture that often permeated the Bush White House does give one pause! Obama in particular loves to emphasize unity. All fine and good, but when a man supports partial birth abortion, […]

Cool Ad Coming America’s Way

A private citizen is releasing this ad on USA Today for November 21. Rumor has it that it’ll be in the first section, right-hand side, which to my ears sounds about ideal. This is an aspect of the Paul campaign that has impressed me greatly; ordinary schlubs without a PAC or minor fortune to their […]

Lip Service

In what seems to be an open attempt to appease and woo Catholic voters, Bush will be meeting with the Pope in June. I hope he isn’t looking for just a pat on the back and a smile. Pope to Ask Bush for Radical Shift in Policy, Says Cardinal Laghi Changes Sought in Approach to […]