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Electronic Leash For Children?

Back on 8-22-05, it was reported that GPS devices were keeping track of sex offenders. Wouldn’t you know that now minors are being monitored by GPS devices. Parents can know where their son or daughter is, know how fast they’re driving, and when/if they get to class. We can debate whether this is right or […]

Dobson’s Defense

I don’t know a lot about Dr. James Dobson, but from what I’ve seen, the media’s been giving him a bad rap over Spongegate. A few days ago, I challenged my readers to go through the Internet Archive Wayback Machine and find evidence of a hidden pro-homosexual agenda at the We Are Family Foundation. Emily […]

The Down Side

Indiana University study: having children significantly lowers parents’ IQs A five-year study run by Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute for Research in Sex, Gender, and Reproduction proves what many in the scientific community have always suspected: having children significantly lowers the IQ of both male and female parents. Well, pro-lifers may be outbreeding pro-choicers, but we’re […]

A Thousand Words

After Abortion has a picture of an preborn baby that rocks. 🙂

Dance Marathon

Games to get kids off the couch Some of the new video games on the market make children move more than their thumbs – they get the kids off the couch and get them to exercise. With television and video games often blamed for contributing to the growing problem of obesity in children, video game […]