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Music Review: “As You Were” by Brother (2006)

"As You Were" is a compilation of fan-selected favorites from Brother’s 13-year pre-Pax Romana repitoire, from Black White to Urban Cave. The tracks chosen, though limited to only one disc, match up well to my personal favorites mix, Point of View. To fit as many songs as possible, most of the tracks have been edited […]

Music Review: “Pax Romana MMV” by Brother (2005)

As promised, here’s my review of Brother’s Pax Romana MMV. The grading scheme is as follows. Really Bad Bad OK Good Excellent 1. Photograph This band’s sound at the start of this track, particularly the guitars, is reminscent of their 1997 release Digging Bone. The up-beat bagpipe-drive bridge harkens back to Black Stone Tramp. The […]

Music Review: “Urban Cave” by Brother (2003)

Brother is one of my favorite bands. The following is a slightly modified version of review of their 2003 release "Urban Cave". I’ll be posting a review of their latest album "Pax Romana MMV" soon. The grading scheme is as follows. Really Bad Bad OK Good Excellent My initial reaction to this album was "Who […]

Band of Brothers

Brother is an awesome independent rock band that uses bag pipes and didjeridus. They call themselves “Australian Mongrel Rock”. I call them genius. Anyhow, the following is an open letter from me to all Brother fans. I’ve noticed a disturbing trend developing in Brother’s internet fan base. Within and between several electronic communities, I have […]

Great Band

I saw my second favorite band in concert this weekend. I decided to give them a bit of a plug here. Brother "BROTHER presents a unique blend of world music and rock & roll with enough of a commercial edge to snatch up fans of all ages. BROTHER hits all of the bases in a […]