Who Reads These Things, Anyway?

Do you ever wonder who reads your blog? I do, sometimes. What are they like? How did they come to find this blog, and what keeps them coming back?

I like to imagine that there’s somebody out there who just happened to stumble upon my blog and thought to him/herself, "Well, now. This looks amusing." And then this person went and read through all of the things I posted over the months I’ve kept this blog. It’s flattering, isn’t it? Just think, somebody out there might click on a bookmark or type the URL into their browser simply to find out what I happen to want to talk about today. That’s got to be worth something in our busy 24/7 lives.

So to everybody who takes a moment out to look here for amusement, entertainment, and shelter from prosaic life, I feel compelled to say:

I really must apologize for the disappointment. So sorry.

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