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The Ladder of Divine Ascent: Chastity

From The Ladder of Divine Ascent by St. John Climacus: "Do not imagine that you will overwhelm the demon of fornication by entering into an argument with him. Nature is on his side and he has the best of the argument. So the man who decides to struggle against his own flesh and to overcome […]

Celeres Nexus Pro 2006-05-03

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Why Is Prostitution Illegal?

Did you ever stop to wonder why prostitution is illegal? I did. Aside from explicitly religious moral reasons, I can't see why it is. Pick your jaw off the floor. Got it? OK, then, I'll continue.

Porn Sucks

If anyone can articulately explain why pornography is bad, please tell my friend Robyn. Since MySpace is a crappy blogging service and you might have to be on her friends list to view the post, I'll reproduce it here. "Has anyone else heard about this attempt by a religious faction to heal those who have […]

Virtual Red Light District

[Note to search engine visitors: This post is by far the most visited on my blog thanks to hundreds of people searching for “red light district” and similar phrases. I’m very curious to know what you folks are looking for. Porn? An article on Amersterdam’s red light district? Something else? Please take a moment and […]