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One More Political Thing

And since I’ve been writing so much about politics the last couple days, I want to say one more thing that’s on my mind.

Everywhere I look in the press, I see Democrat-friendly people complaining that the primary contest between Clinton and Obama is so divisive that Democrats will be unable to unite once one of them is finally nominated.

Okay, I’m sorry, but if you are partial to either Clinton or Obama (and, for my money, I’m highly partial to the latter) and you really think divisions between them or their respective supporters are so great that you could not in good conscience vote for the other one, then what exactly are you going to do come November? Vote for that lame excuse for a Republican, John McCain?

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Ron Paul vs. Obama on the War

Obama is often touted as the true Democratic candidate for change in contrast to Clinton and the Neocon Republicans. One such change would then be ending  the war in Iraq and maybe trimming down our overseas empire–this would be a pleasant change, right?

What would you say then if I told you that Obama wants to expand the military?  He has called for 65,000 more soldiers and 27,000 Marines at a time when we are hard-pressed to maintain current recruitment levels, compromising on aptitude, health and criminal backgrounds.

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Further thoughts on Dr. Paul: Unity

I’ve thought about the presidential rhetoric promising to unify and heal our divided country. I tend to find it tiresome, but the ultra-parochial, no-compromises culture that often permeated the Bush White House does give one pause! Obama in particular loves to emphasize unity. All fine and good, but when a man supports partial birth abortion, I’m not sure how much unity there is to be had once you get past all the high-flying rhetoric. Continue reading