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Port Authority Transit is Riding Me

Somebody at Port Authority Transit must have a screw loose. Port Authority transit cutbacks are biggest in history The series of bus and trolley changes include eliminating: 124 of 213 weekday bus routes. 55 of 100 Saturday bus routes. 26 of 75 Sunday and holiday bus routes. Light-rail service would be trimmed by cutting hours […]

Clearing the Air

Woohoo! The Allegheny County Council has passed a ban on smoking in public buildings (Fedora Tip: The Burgh Blog )! I guess smokers will have to find another way to get their fix away from home . 😉 Addendum: I keep hearing that it's not the government's job to protect us from harmful substances. Really? […]

Speak Your Piece

To all my readers who live in Allegheny County: The Department for Economic Development in Allegheny County has a survey on their website. Please take it. It’s short and will let the county authorities know how you want your tax dollars spent. On a related note, here are some Pittsburgh blogs. It’s not a comprehensive […]