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2008 Run for Their Health 5K

On April 12, I participated in the Run for Their Health 5K in Schenley Park. Formerly called the Run With HAART, this race is hosted by Pitt medical school students and benefits Kenyan children with HIV/AIDS. As in Just a Short Run Half Marathon, I wasn’t was well-trained or properly prepared for this race. I […]

2008 Just a Short Run Half Marathon

On Saturday, I ran my fourth half marathon at the 8th annual Just a Short Run. It was definitely my worst. I’m not too disappointed, though, considering I didn’t really train for it. BTW, that was a bad idea; don’t emulate me. Anyhow, I finished without walking (not counting water stops) in 2:19:50. I’m still […]

2006 South Mountain 10-Miler

Not to be outdone by Funky, nor to waste an opportunity for shameless electronic scrapbooking, if not self-promotion, I thought I’d mention that I completed Lehigh Valley Roadrunners’ South Mountain 10 Miler near Bethlehem PA this morning in a pretty good time: 82:32 (by my watch). The reason it’s called the South Mountain 10 Miler […]

Pittsburgh TV News Rant

Pittsburgh TV news reporting sucks. Why are Pittsburghers are so bloody obsessed with weather? Between that and sports there’s barely any real news reported. I really don’t give a flying fig about Super Mega Kickass Vibromatic Storm Chaser 6000 and how it can slice and dice and make julean fries. Just give me a simple […]