Why is it that I only like onions after they’ve been boiled in oil?

Today I thought about what I’ve been blogging lately, and to tell the truth it’s pretty sad. It’s all cake, and french fries, and today’s blog was going to be about onion rings.

Why do any of you read this blog? Seriously. I can’t imagine what would drive you to do it. I think that maybe it’s because you don’t actually read my blog. You only skim it, and fill in all the bits that you don’t read with what you think I’d probably say if I were a much smarter or wiser individual. Perhaps you expect me to make compelling points about life and the inevitable failure of the human condition.

If that’s the case, then I’m happy that you think so highly of me. But it is a little sad, because it means you apparently don’t read the blog at all. You’d just like to think that you do, or hope that you do, or make excuses for who I ought to be.

Anyway, today there were onion rings. I’ve wanted some for a long time now. But even though I enjoyed the onion rings while I was eating them, in retrospect they weren’t the best I’ve had. They needed salt, and the ranch dressing had a distressing tendency to separate. Yet despite all this I guess the mediocre onion rings were better than none at all, and the french fries that came with the sandwich were extremely acceptable.

And so, in conclusion, I like onion rings.

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