And Now For Something Completely Different

With all of the serious stuff going on in the world, I haven’t had a chance to post
any fun and/or silly stuff. I’ll make up for that now. 🙂

All of these are rather catchy. Just be careful where you sing some of them. 😉
Hey Hey 16k
Llama Song
Goes Weee
(probably NSFW)
Hygeine Song

In case the first song got you nostalgic for old school gaming:

I love this movie and I was rather ticked when it didn’t win any Oscars. Then again,
what should I expect from an Academy that gave 11 awards to Titanic?
most beloved movie of the ’90s

I think I need one of these.
Alert Super Shaker Bed Vibrator

So I’ve been doing it wrong all along. *shrug*
Demonstrate Best Way To Use Caffeine

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  1. Amy wrote:

    The llama song goes on forever! oh, wait… it just repeats itself. Too funny!!

    Posted 06 Nov 2004 at 6:01 pm

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