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I Need to Find a Better Bakery

Do you ever notice how no cookie is ever quite big enough?

Surprise, Surprise

There is such a thing as a back-handed compliment. They’re not too difficult to spot. Here are a few examples: "You are a little stupid. But I think everybody else is really stupid, so you’re doing great." "No, you’re not fat. Last year you were an oil tanker. This is much better." Compliments designed to […]

Move Over Jack Handy

Everybody has to go sometime. That could mean to the bathroom, or death. I’m not sure which is more appropriate. Maybe I should make this my new saying.

Strange Craving

I think something is wrong with me. I woke up today with a craving for apricots. Or possibly tea. Or is there such a thing as apricot tea? I assume there is, but you never know with these things. Somebody told me that people make pies out of oranges. Sounds fishy to me. How good […]

What Do People Really Think About You?

I realized something about self-centered people. They're bad or hateful per se. They're just so self-centered that they don't even realize that they fail to care about anybody else in the universe. It's just the way they are. When they ignore you, it's not personal or an insult. They don't love, hate, or anything you. […]