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Libertarian ACLU?

Is there a more libertarian alternative to the ACLU? For instance, I’d be interested to learn of an organization that doesn’t interpret the establishment clause to mean that religious expression is forbidden on public property.

Cool Ad Coming America’s Way

A private citizen is releasing this ad on USA Today for November 21. Rumor has it that it’ll be in the first section, right-hand side, which to my ears sounds about ideal. This is an aspect of the Paul campaign that has impressed me greatly; ordinary schlubs without a PAC or minor fortune to their […]

Poverty and Libertarianism

While personally admiring of some principles of libertarianism, I’ve tended to think of libertarians as the partisans of employed, healthy, childless, college educated people. That said, America’s current political climate has had me rethinking my priorities for what should be done now.