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Divided We Fall?

There may be trouble on the horizon for the Ron Paul Revolution. The trouble stems from recent good news out of the Constitution Party national convention. Delegates overwhelmingly rejected Alan Keyes, “a warmonger, neocon, and egomanic”, favor of Chuck Baldwin, a Baptist pastor who strongly supports Ron Paul. Adam Graham, who saw the CP convention […]

Pennsylvania Primaries

Everyone gets to vote for the candidate that they want in a primary, but the delegates you elect are the ones who get to actually vote for a presidential candidate in the national conventions. They also get to vote on their parties’ platforms, so even if their candidate isn’t nominated for president, a delegation can […]


Before I drop off the web for the rest of the Triduum, here’s a free, public event in Oakland. More info is here.  I also call your attention to the good things that “Paulites” are accomplishing on the local level here. AMERICA’S LOOMING FISCAL CRISIS: AN ELECTION YEAR WAKE-UP CALL

The State of the Ron Paul Campaign

Almost as though he were responding to my recent YouTube post, Ron Paul posted a video and an article updating his supporters on the state of the campaign. He says he’s in it for the long haul. I really hope he means it.

Ron Paul Sucked in the Florida Debate