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Grassfire on the Cheap

Interested in getting two copies of a book prior to its official release? “Receive Two Pre-Publication Copies of Steve Elliott’s Grassfire Effect for Any Gift!“ “Grassfire President Steve Elliott’s anticipated book, The Grassfire Effect, will reach the book stores in late June. Thanks to special arrangements with the publisher, Broadman & Holman, Grassfire team members […]

The Politics of Life and Death or Right and Left?

Michael Gallaugher at Christian Conservative really hit a nerve with this post about Terri Schiavo. I’ve never seen so many comments generated from so little text. Some of the comments really took me by surprise. Not only were commenters ill- or misunformed about Terri’s condition, they also showed a disturbing inability to reason logically. Here’s […]

More Flip-Flops Than a Fish on Land

…or John Kerry I’ve heard several people claim that Arlen Specter must have changed his position on the FMA, based solely on his cloture vote. I’ve heard this from outraged homosexuals as well jubilant conservatives. I think both have been duped. Specter knew darn well that the motion to vote on the amendment would fail […]

RE: Peace in Pieces

Regarding “Peace in Pieces” Some of my friends have tried to argue that diversity builds credibility. While this can be true, I do not believe it to be the case here. What’s happening is a lot of lefties claiming there’s support from the right and a few righties pointing to the swarm on the left. […]

Peace in Pieces

On Iraq, Chorus of Criticism Is Loud but Not Clear U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment Remains Divided as Opposition to War Grows More Adamant By Michael Dobbs “As President Bush moves the nation closer to a military confrontation to force Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to give up his weapons of mass destruction, an array of domestic […]