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Some of my friends have tried to argue that diversity builds credibility. While this can be true, I do not believe it to be the case here. What’s happening is a lot of lefties claiming there’s support from the right and a few righties pointing to the swarm on the left. Neither side likes the other or is against the war for evenly remotely similar reasons, but coincidental agreement is seen as a credibility boost anyhow. Now, if those groups got together and formed a focused (i.e. no mission creep) anti-war effort, they might actually turn a few heads. Lefties, you can fight for abortion rights another day (though I really rather you protected the unborn as well as you protect other underdogs). Now is the time to participate in a unified front against the possible war in Iraq AND ONLY AGAINST THE WAR. Righties, ‘not yet’ is not as good ‘not moral’ or ‘not ethical’ or ‘not wise’. Got it, folks?

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  1. Christopher Chapman wrote:

    While I do appreciate that there are some guys on the right who are against military action, I don’t see it as any kind of vindication. The reasons for being against action on both sides are quite different in many respects. Those on the far right desire a US with an impenetrable wall and a standing defensive milita — rest of the world be damned. Heh, they might want to lynch Mexicans and shoot UN supporters in Utah.

    Who knows. I may be exaggerating. The point is, unification looks rather grim. The pitifully small contigent of righties who are against military action are certain not to give any Bushie reason to pause and reconsider. The USA is a nation of VERY FRIGHTENED PEOPLE. It has always been this way. The admin has that on their side. The majority will always err on the side of rediculously irresponsible caution (e.g. omb the hell out of someone, spy on neighbors, make a deeper Northern and Southern Crater in Iraq, etc.) They just take what they are given, never even asking themselves if this sort of thing actually makes them any safer! Sales on burglar alarms exploded after 9-11. See what I mean? Bush has the public in his hands, regardless of what he does.

    Posted 04 Feb 2003 at 1:26 am

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