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History of Latin Mass in Pittsburgh

The Pittsburgh Catholic has a decent surface-level summary of Pittsburgh’s Latin mass community.

Latin Mass has history in Pittsburgh Diocese

“…[T]he Diocese of Pittsburgh formed a committee in early in 1989, and the celebration of Mass in Latin was reintroduced in the diocese on June 11, 1989, at two locations: the Duquesne University chapel and SS. Peter and Paul Parish in Beaver.”

Praying for the Conversion of Jews

Since the release of Summorum Pontificum, various talking heads have been apoplectic because the Tridentine mass includes a Good Friday prayer for the conversion of the Jews. Much ado is being made of nothing, though.

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Did Bishop Trautman Even Read the What the Pope Wrote?!

If you thought the diocese of Pittsburgh’s memo about Summorum Pontificum was bad, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet. Check out this nonsense from Erie:

The recent apostolic letter of Pope Benedict XVI on widening the use of the
liturgical books of 1962 is prompted by his desire to reach out to those Catholics in schism because of their non-acceptance of the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council.

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