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Limbo Lives?

I guess I spoke too soon.

Notion of Limbo Isn’t Closed, Expert Says
Adds It’s a Theological Opinion That Can Be Defended

The theory of limbo is not ruled out, says a member of the International Theological Commission, commenting on a study from the panel. Sister Sara Butler, a Missionary Servant of the Most Blessed Trinity, has served on the commission since 2004. The commission is an advisory body comprised of 30 theologians chosen by the Pope. Its documents are not considered official expressions of the magisterium, but the commission does help the Holy See to examine important doctrinal issues.

Backpeddling or setting the media straight? Hmm…

Al Kimmel (Pontifications) has some good posts of limbo here, here, here, here, here, here, and here. Michael Liccione (also at Pontifications) has a couple here and here.

Limbo in Limbo No Longer

I’m sure there’ll be some hard-core Thomists and rad-trads getting their knickers in a twist over this news. 😉

Unbaptised children out of limbo, Benedict rules

In a long-awaited document published on Friday, the Vatican says that the traditional view of limbo as the destiny of those who die unbaptised is based on an “unduly restrictive view of salvation” and that God “wants all human beings to be saved”. The result is that, with the approval of Pope Benedict, the Vatican’s International Theological Commission has effectively buried the concept of limbo, the International Herald Tribune reports. The thumbs-down verdict on limbo had been expected for years and the document, called “The Hope of Salvation for Infants Who Die Without Being Baptised,” was seen as most likely to be final since limbo was never formally part of Church doctrine.

When the text of the report is available, I’ll link to it.

Postcard from the Wilderness

This first Sunday of Lent presents me with the opportunity to come in from the wilderness of an http-less life and blog a bit about the baptism of our children last weekend at our Parish. This I’ve done over at the Smedley Log, owned and operated by my brother-in-law Howard, long-time friend of this blog, and Godfather to said children. Get the story, complete with pictures HERE.

Repost: Discovering a Season

[The following a revised version of a previously published post. – Funky]

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. I get so excited that I start listening to my Christmas music at the beginning of November, much to the surprise and chagrin of some of my loved ones. Last year, I asked myself what I’ve been getting excited about. Is it the celebration of Christ’s birth? I wish I could say so, but the truth is that I’ve been enamored with the secular trappings of the season. Decorating the Christmas tree, baking cookies, singing catchy tunes, visiting relatives, watching classic movies, giving and receiving gifts (sadly, mostly the latter), playing in the snow (in those few lucky winters), and other generally faith-free activities have been Christmas’ raison d’etre for me.

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Damned Until Baptism Redux

A Zenit interview with Father Peter Gumpel tackles the issue of death prior to baptism,
I wrote about a few days ago

What the Church Has Said About Children Who Die Without Baptism

Although in history there have been different opinions, the supreme magisterium of the Church offers very precise documents and affirmations.