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The End is Near

At least, that’s what one elderly lady told another Fresno blogger who was trying to enjoy a malt at Sonic:
“Well,” she said as she started to turn away from me, “You’re really going to be sorry when the world ends in 3 years.”
That stopped me. “Right. The world’s going to end? When?”
She turned back and […]


I have nothing more to add. An excerpt:
Wait, what? Holding a cracker hostage is now a hate crime? The murder of Matthew Shephard was a hate crime. The murder of James Byrd Jr. was a hate crime. This is a goddamned cracker.
You’ll just have to follow the link to read the rest.

How Not to Answer a Question

Go look at PZ Myers’ post on Pharyngula with video of a conversation between Congressman John Conyers of Michigan and law professor John Yoo, who had a hand in the infamous torture memos. I have nothing further to add.

Elementary Graduations are Ridiculous

Somehow in the last few years it has become popular to have traditional graduation ceremonies—caps, gowns, Elgar—for increasingly younger students at increasingly inconsequential stages in their education. Apparently this idiotic tendency has also taken up the traditional valedictorian and speech.
I say “apparently” because, while I have not seen this phenomenon in the wild, my blog—this […]

Steal this Idea

A story in the San Francisco Chronicle quotes “Emily Solomon, 45, a Washington, D.C., playwright and Pennsylvania native”:
[The news media] completely downplayed the first serious female candidacy. When she won New Hampshire, it wasn’t, ‘The first woman to win New Hampshire,’ it was ‘Clinton steals New Hampshire.’ Very subtle sexism, you know. And I’m not even […]