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[NOTA BENE: The following syndicated post links to material that devout Catholics will find offensive. I allowed this post to be published for a couple reasons. First of all, I have never shied away from tough or potentially offensive topics on this blog. Secondly, I am a big proponent of open, civilized dialog, and my hope is that syndicating a post linking to P.Z. Myers’ screed would spur the capable apologists in my readership to respond less embarrassingly than the folks who sent hate mail to him. – Funky]

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Criminalizing Reproval

Do we hate the sin of sodomy? Absolutely. We also hate other sins like pride, greed, envy, wrath, gluttony, and sloth. Will it soon be illegal to call something what it is? Will future Canadians be unable to call a drunkard a drunkard? a murderer a murderer? a corrupt leader corrupt?

Canadian Parliament passes homosexual hate crime bill

"Ottawa, Apr. 29 (LifesiteNews.com/CWN) – On Wednesday the Canadian Senate voted 59-11 for final passage of homosexual hate crime bill C-250 which places the undefined term ‘sexual orientation’ into Canada’s already contentious hate crime legislation. The new provision in the criminal code could readily open up prosecution of individuals and groups who express views considered by courts to be ‘publicly inciting hatred.’"