The End is Near

At least, that’s what one elderly lady told another Fresno blogger who was trying to enjoy a malt at Sonic:

“Well,” she said as she started to turn away from me, “You’re really going to be sorry when the world ends in 3 years.”

That stopped me. “Right. The world’s going to end? When?”

She turned back and pulled out a pamphlet. “It’s explained here. The rapture will happen on May 21, 2011.”

. . .

“Oookaay… well I guess we will see what happens on the 22nd. I’ll see you then.” Yes, I was being glib. And she got ticked off!

“No you won’t!” She wasn’t so sweet now! That grandmotherly wrinkled-apple face turned very dark and scowl-y!

“Sure I will. We could meet here on the 22nd!”

“No you won’t, because you’ll be in Hell.”

Notice that the Discovery Channel, in its heartwarming “I Love the World” video, did not include the line, “I love fundamentalist Christians.”

Anyway, check out The Calladus Blog, where Mark explicates further on the end-of-the-world pamphlet.

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