I Should’ve Been a Priest

I’m not exactly what most people would call religious, but I said two prayers today:

“Thank you, O God, for the blessing of air conditioning, which soothes my rage such that I do not smite those around me.”

“Lord, please bring to me an ice cream milk shake, that my life might be marginally improved.”

One thought on “I Should’ve Been a Priest

  1. gbm3

    From FD ( http://alesrarus.funkydung.com/about-me/3 ):

    “A person who is seeking deeper insight into reality may sometimes have doubts, even about God himself. Such doubts do not necessarily indicate lack of faith. They may be just the opposite – a sign of growing faith. Faith is alive and dynamic. It seeks, through grace, to penetrate into the very mystery of God. If a particular doctrine of faith no longer ‘makes sense’ to a person, the person should go right on seeking. To know what a doctrine says is one thing. To gain insight into its meaning through the gift of understanding is something else. When in doubt, ‘Seek and you will find.’ The person who seeks y reading, discussing, thinking, or praying eventually sees the light. The person who talks to God even when God is ‘not there’ is alive with faith.”

    You’re “alive with faith”. God bless you.

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