2007 Pittsylvania XC Challenge

On November 10, I ran in WPTC’s XC Challenge and finished in a sluggish 34:06. Last year I finished in 32:03, and I’d hoped to break 30:00 this year. Oh well, I can’t expect much considering how badly screwed up my training has been due to being so busy with research. In addition to running, I (with help from my wonderful wife), fulfilled my social event responsibilities as WPTC’s membership chair by cooking hotdogs, which were well received by the cold and hungry runners.

The race almost didn’t happen this year, which would have been disastrous for the club since we failed to put on our only other race, the Pittsylvania Mile. The chair of the WPTC competitions committee decided he didn’t want to be meet director this year but didn’t tell us until July. Actually, he wouldn’t have even told us then if the chair of the development committee hadn’t pried it out of him. The development chair asked what the odds of putting on the XCC were, expecting that a lot of work had already been done. Much to the board’s surprise and consternation, the competition chair’s response was “10 to 90 against”. Thankfully, the club secretary, Janice Boyko, volunteered to take over as meet director. In just a couple months she managed to get several sponsors and sign up a good number of runners. The club netted about 65% the profit and with 86 runners had a little more than 50% the number of runners of 2006’s XCC. Given the shortened prep time and resistance from the former race director, I’d say this year’s race couldn’t have gone better. Janice did a fantastic job and the club is indebted to her. Thankfully she is returning for another as club secretary and can continue contributing constructively to WPTC board decisions.

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