2006 HealthAmerica XC Challenge

I’m sure my significantly reduced posting frequency has already made it obvious that I’ve been rather busy lately. I’m in the midst of wrapping up my masters project. Soon after that’s finished, I’ll be preparing for comprehensive exams. If anyone – current and wannabe guest bloggers alike – would like to help with filling in the dead air, I’d certainly appreciate it. Anyhow, here’s my very late summary of the 2006 HealthAmerica XC Challenge in Frick park on Novermber 11.

If it hadn’t rained, the 60 weather would have made for fantastic running. Sprinting to the chute over soft, muddy ground is certainly less than ideal. Speaking of finishing, my time for this 6K was 32:03 (8:37 pace). I’d hoped to break 30:00, but that was out of the question. I’d been sick with a hacking cough for over a month, so I hadn’t trained in over a week prior to race day. Considering the circumstances, 32:03 was quite acceptable. Here are my kilometer splits.

  1. 5:12
  2. 5:46
  3. 4:58
  4. 6:15
  5. 5:13
  6. 4:38

In case you’re wondering, kilometers 1, 2, and 4 are uphill. There’s a loop that’s repeated (2 and 3, 4 and 5). The last kilometer is the first in reverse.

I captained a team for this race – an experience I really don’t want to repeat. Among other responsibilities, it was my job to hand out bibs to my team. Most of my team didn’t show up until 5 minutes prior to start. Consequently, I didn’t get a chance to warm up. Lateness drives me bonkers, especially if I’m inconvenienced by it. I won’t be volunteering to captain any more teams and I really hope I’m not asked to manage one again. The bright spot of the whole thing was that my team won our age bracket (with no help from me). The top five finishers in each time contributed their places to the team sum. Placing 30-something among the men, I wasn’t even close to being in the top five for the team. 😉 Still, as captain, I got the extra t-shirt. 😀

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