2006 Race for Pace 5K

On October 14, I ran the Race for Pace 5K. One my my friends at West Penn Track Club works for Pace School, I ran it as much to support her and a good cause as I did to have another race under my belt.

It was pretty darn cold and there were some nasty hills on the course. I was reminded that my lungs really don’t like cold air. I need a full physical anyway, so I’ll be sure to ask the doc if I have asthma.

I finished in a disappointing 26:12.69 (26:21, officially), which works out to an 8:30 pace. I was 8/14 men 25-29 and 83/345 total. My splits were as follows.

  1. 7:41.81
  2. 8:29.44
  3. 10:01.44 (9:07 pace over 1.1)

My performance was disappointing, but a few good things did happen at the race. I won a door prize (car visor organizer), my good buddy Kevin beat me with a time of 25:13, and my team won a prize for having given the closest estimate for our total finishing time.

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