Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

Joe Carter at Evangelical Outpost wants in on some of the traffic that blog brawls bring, so he posted a wicked funny jab at some of the major players in the Christian ghetto of the blogosphere. I think this barb needs some clarification, though.

"Jason, Scott, Bret, and Gene (Fide-O) — On their blog is a picture of a Rottweiler over a quote that begins “Be meek for the meek shall inherit the earth.” If your confused by such a dissonant juxtaposition keep in mind that these guys are to the Five Solas what the Jesuits are to the Pope. (And now that I’ve used them in a comparison with Catholics I’ll probably need to enter the Godbloggers Relocation Program.)

Does he mean the Jesuits of old or modern Jesuits? If the Fide-O folks are faithful 5-point Calvinists, they should probably take umbrage at the comparison to the Jesuits. Anyhow, I wonder if we could convince them to trade in their rottweiller for a German shepherd. 😉

Joe also took a shot at St. Blog’s Parish.

"St. Blog’s Parish — With such numbers on their side you’d think the Catholic wing of the Godblogosphere would be primed to invade on evangelical turf like the Bloods moving in on the Crips (or at least the Sharks invading the space of the Jets). But we hear nary a peep out of them. We could even throw out vicious insults—’The Pope wears a funny hat.’–but they wouldn’t even notice since they don’t read our blogs. It’s almost like we don’t exist or something. This apathy toward us may explain why we end up squabbling with each other, rather than with those Christians we might have substantial disagreements with. (By the way, he really does. The Pope. His hat. It’s kinda big and goofy.)"

Perhaps if evangelicals stopped rabbiting on about conferences we’re neither invited to nor particularly interested in, and occasionally linked to one of our posts, we might take notice. Also, I think the squabbling is more a cause of apathy than a result. I mean, who wants to interrupt a dysfunctional family while its bickering? 😉

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  1. Spacemouse wrote:

    I think the squabbling is more a cause of apathy than a result. I mean, who wants to interrupt a dysfunctional family while its bickering?

    Oh, I think you’re right, but I still think Catholic bloggers could interact more with the Evangelical blogs. (I definitely agree that they could interact more with us, too!)

    Posted 27 May 2006 at 11:27 am
  2. Jason Robertson wrote:

    The rottweiller was quite offended at your suggestion. He jumped the fence and found the closest thing he could find to a German Shepherd and mauled it. It turned out to be the hairy short fella that lives three doors down. Moral of the story: Don’t offend Fido.

    Posted 28 May 2006 at 2:10 am
  3. Bene D wrote:

    I think Catholics do a great deal to reach out to the evangelicals. We protestants could do better don’t you think?;^)

    Posted 29 May 2006 at 3:17 am

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