Jerry Bowyer and the Catholic Church

Jerry Bowyer‘s attitude toward the Catholic Church is definitely a lot better than his predecessor‘s. Here are some podcasts from his show.

Jerry interviews Ronald Rychlak, author of ‘Righteous Gentiles: How Pius XII And the Catholic Church Saved Half a Million Jews from the Nazis‘, about the tremendous sacrifice European Catholics made to resist Hitler and save Jews, and dispels the myths that Hitler was Christian and that Christians turned a blind eye to the Holocaust. “

Jerry interviews George Weigel, author of ‘God’s Choice : Pope Benedict XVI and the Future of the Catholic Church,’ about Benedict and his path from priest to pontiff.”

Jerry interviews Father Richard John Neuhaus, editor-in-chief of First Things, about the long-standing relationship between the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party, and where they will go from here.”

Jerry interviews Raymond Arroyo, the host of ‘The World Over Live’ on the Enternal Word Television Network, about Christian journalism.”

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  1. Sean wrote:

    I’ve enjoyed Jerry’s commentary since back when he was running the Allegheny Institute and was opposing the use of tax funds for the stadiums. I also give kudos to the WORD and the Salem Network. Years ago they would never have Catholic guests, hosts, shows, or anything friendly to say about Catholicism.

    My cynical side says they just realize that their listening audience in the Pittsburgh area is made up of a lot of Catholics. So they’re just employing a little sugar to make the rest of their “medicine” go down.

    My hopeful side believe that faithful Evangelicals and faithful Catholics realize that they need to work together and do have some things in common.

    Which side will win?

    Posted 15 Feb 2006 at 4:57 am
  2. Jerry Nora wrote:

    While I never listen to WORD, the Catholic line-up that Funky shows here is pretty serious. You don’t just up and have Fr. Neuhaus or George Weigel drop by to have a chat. I’d be fairly optimistic on that count; if they merely wanted some token Catholic presence, they’d be looking for more local speakers.

    Posted 15 Feb 2006 at 1:32 pm
  3. Mark La Roi wrote:

    Believe me, there’s no sugaring going on. You get what the host brings, good or bad.

    Posted 15 Feb 2006 at 9:46 pm
  4. Sean wrote:

    Mark: Good! I always like it when my hopeful side wins and my cynical side is wrong. 🙂

    Posted 16 Feb 2006 at 4:38 am
  5. Sean wrote:

    And my cynical side wasn’t wondering about Jerry’s motives… I know he’s for real about it. I was just cynically wondering about Salem’s motives. They’ve turned things around, IMHO regarding getting some Catholic time on their airwaves, and I appreciate that. I listen to a few of their other shows, too.

    I owe Salem a great debt, in fact. RC Sproul is responsible for dragging me back from nothingness to some kind of faith again. Of course, its probably not the kind of faith he’d prefer… He’ll have to take what he can get.

    Posted 16 Feb 2006 at 4:44 am

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