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Brisco County, Jr. is coming to DVD!
As a geek and a student of AI, this really cracked me up.
Learn the importance of daily and weekly planning.
!@#$% interactive voice reponse systems. Beat them. BTW, screaming at one usually brings a human voice to you right quick. It worked for both Sprint and UPS.
How do you think America will eventually fall (as all empires eventually do)?
"A Christmas Story", take 1 and take 2.
I think I need this alarm clock.
This is a big beer ad.
Is technology making us smater or lazier?
FBI investigated Deep Throat in the 70’s. No, the other Deep Throat.
Here’s another reason to watch TV with the sound off.
I have too much junk. I bet you do, too.
Who knew a children’s song could be so much fun?
Watch Captain Capitalism come to the rescue.
I wish American cigarette warnings looked like this.
Reality TV gets lost in space.
If Saddam could actually rap like this, maybe he’d be a little less hated. 😉
Does anyone besides me find this disturbing and narcissistic?
What did Congress know about WMD in Iraq, and when?
Is "mommy brain" a myth?
Don’t forget to vote for Ales Rarus at the Weblog Awards.
50 Cent meets Freedie Mercury. Interesting.
Coffee rules.
Get holidazed.
And husbands around the world rejoiced…
The next time your wife asks you how she looks, keep in mind that attractiveness varies with estrogen level (i.e. stage in menstrual cycle).
I think this looks more like Yoda than Alfred E. Neuman.
Lightbulbs? We don’t need no stinking lightbulbs.
Who’d ‘ave thunk I’d actually agree with Andrew Sullivan on something?
Double your uterus, double your fun.
Isn’t "waveguide" a bit of Star Trek technobabble?
We might remember more than we think we do.

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  1. Rob wrote:

    According to a CIA report, within the next 15 years, America will cease to be a world superpower. India, China, and Indonesia will be the main focus.

    We’ve already done great damage to our scientific sector, and the current administration is bent on making sure of that. What percent of college students study hard science today? And of that, what percent are foreigners who have no intention (or quite possibly ability) to stay?

    We’ve blown our reputation and goodwill worldwide.

    We will be held responsible for global warming, even by those who did just as much to contribute to it. I’m picturing Nuremburg-style trials for George W. Bush, Ann Coulter, etc. in 10 years. Cheney will, of course, be permanently unavailable by then.

    We might well be in the middle of the decline right now.

    At least we get Brisco County Jr. on DVD… I loved that show!

    Posted 12 Dec 2005 at 2:44 pm

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