Three Thumbs Down: Specter, Santorum, and Doyle

My congressmen, Senator Arlen Specter (R), Senator Rick Santorum (R), and Representative Mike Doyle (D), all voted in favor of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.H.R. 6 Booo. said the following prior to debate.

"America deserves a safe, clean, affordable energy future. A forward-looking, responsible energy bill satisfies four basic principles, all of which can be achieved with technologies available today."


"The pending legislation does next to nothing to advance these principles. Instead, it includes the following provisions that would increase our reliance on oil and widen the federal budget deficit."

The bill would:

increase our dependency on foreign oil by widening loopholes in existing fuel economy rules;

limit the rights of states and local citizens to participate in decisions related to the location of liquefied natural gas and other energy facilities and the content of hydropower dam licenses;

waste taxpayer dollars to subsidize nuclear power, oil and other big energy companies;

put electricity consumers at risk by repealing the Public Utility Holding Company Act;

open the door to oil drilling in the Western Arctic Alaska and offshore without setting aside key wildlife areas for protection and conducting a seismic inventory of oil and gas off the Florida, North Carolina and other coasts that could harm fish, waterfowl and other marine inhabitants.

Thankfully, the bill passed without a provision for drilling in ANWR. Still, the bill is deeply flawed and I'm displeased with my congressmen for supporting it.

How did your congressmen vote?

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