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How I Spent My PA Primary Day

How did you spend PA primary day? I spent it at Firehouse #4 in Munhall, PA, handing out literature for Ron Paul delegates.

Pennsylvania Primaries

Everyone gets to vote for the candidate that they want in a primary, but the delegates you elect are the ones who get to actually vote for a presidential candidate in the national conventions. They also get to vote on their parties’ platforms, so even if their candidate isn’t nominated for president, a delegation can […]

Tax Day: The Real April Fools’ Day

This afternoon I participated in a small protest of the income tax. We met at the Hilton downtown and walked to the Federal building. Alone the way we chanted, “Income tax is theft! End the IRS!” I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people who took pamphlets from us. I’m sure most ended up […]

Boot-Licking Loyalists

“Ron Paul admirers supporting John McCain”?! WTF?! Non-interventionists for Mr. Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Bomb-Iran? Free speech supporters for Mr. McCain-Feingold? Austrian Economists for Mr. I-Rely-On-My-Keynesian-Advisor? Libertarians for Mr. Neocon? Good grief. What oxymoronic nonsense will people think of next?!

Ron Paul Rally Wrap-Up

I went to the Ron Paul rally at the University of Pittsburgh last Thursday. The speech was mostly boilerplate Ron Paul Revolution material (abolish the Fed, no socialized health care, end the Iraq war, restore civil liberties, etc). The best part, for me, was the opportunity to shake the hand with, get the autograph of, […]