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What’s next? Another House Un-American Activities Committee? McCarthy-ism, Take 2? F.B.I. Scrutinizes Antiwar Rallies By ERIC LICHTBLAU “WASHINGTON, Nov. 22 ? The Federal Bureau of Investigation has collected extensive information on the tactics, training and organization of antiwar demonstrators and has advised local law enforcement officials to report any suspicious activity at protests to its […]

Counter Protest

What’s wrong with this picture?

Reaction to Protest Action

Pittsburgh protest demonstrated conviction; Bush should listen by The Tartan Editorial Board "This weekend, thousands of students and local residents protested the impending war against Iraq, showing their solidarity with a series of marches, speeches, and sit-ins." Peace rally was successful because it remained peaceful "Unless you fell asleep on Friday afternoon and didn’t wake […]

Butt Is It Art?

You’d think people would realize that drugs are bad by now. Sheesh. Artist gets down and dirty with peaceful pig “GHENT, Belgium (Reuters) – A Belgian actor is sharing a cage with a pig for three days in the hope that the animal will reveal why there is so much conflict in the world.” “‘I […]