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Donít Be a Sucker

John McCain says: “Senator Obamaís word cannot be trusted. . . .†But the fact is that Iíll keep my word to the American people and you can trust me.”
Okay, now that you’re done chuckling at how childish and transparently “political“†that sounds, read†”McCain’s Flourishing Flip-Flop List.”
And watch this video: “John McCain vs. John McCain.”
This is how […]

Vote for the Future, Not for Fear

I’m not a conspiracy theorist or anything, but it sure seems pretty weird that John McCain has an advisor who thinks (probably correctly) that a terrorist attack would drive paranoid voters to take shelter under his hawkish, Republican wings in November and now he is claiming that he’ll not leap ahead of Barack Obama until […]

A Liberal Republican Conspiracy?

The other day, I noticed a McCain bumper sticker along with a Giuliani (ďRudyĒ) one. This was another proof in a conspiracy theory that I came up with when Giuliani dropped out of the race a while back.

One More Political Thing

And since I’ve been writing so much about politics the last couple days, I want to say one more thing that’s on my mind.
Everywhere I look in the press, I see Democrat-friendly people complaining that the primary contest between Clinton and Obama is so divisive that Democrats will be unable to unite once one of […]

When Not to Vote for a Pro-life Politician

A number of pro-life groups are hawking McCain as pro-life. Let’s say he really is pro-life (a leap of faith): should we vote for him, considering his other positions?