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RE: Peace in Pieces

Regarding “Peace in Pieces” Some of my friends have tried to argue that diversity builds credibility. While this can be true, I do not believe it to be the case here. What’s happening is a lot of lefties claiming there’s support from the right and a few righties pointing to the swarm on the left. […]

Peace in Pieces

On Iraq, Chorus of Criticism Is Loud but Not Clear U.S. Foreign Policy Establishment Remains Divided as Opposition to War Grows More Adamant By Michael Dobbs “As President Bush moves the nation closer to a military confrontation to force Iraqi President Saddam Hussein to give up his weapons of mass destruction, an array of domestic […]

Reaction to Protest Action

Pittsburgh protest demonstrated conviction; Bush should listen by The Tartan Editorial Board "This weekend, thousands of students and local residents protested the impending war against Iraq, showing their solidarity with a series of marches, speeches, and sit-ins." Peace rally was successful because it remained peaceful "Unless you fell asleep on Friday afternoon and didn’t wake […]

Representative Government?

This is an interesting site that’s a rallying point for those opposed to current US anti-terrorist policies. While, I agree that we’re going too far, I do not believe it’s an issue of oil. Jerry says it better: "I am very concerned about some of the privacy intrusions and some of the detainment policies of […]