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Pat Robertson Does Not Speak For Me

Pat Robertson does not speak for me. He should not speak for you, either. I used to merely sigh when people spoke as though Robertson is or ought to be representative of Christianity, like some kind of Protestant pope. Now, I will shudder.

Lining Their Pockets

The pay raise PA legislators gave themselves was bad enough as it was. I disagreed with their excuses about cost of living increases, but at least it was an attempt at a defensible reason for being so generous to themselves. Then I read this. "Starting in December 2006, an automatic cost-of-living adjustment will be tacked […]

Life, Liberty, and Property

Hands off our homes A Supreme Court ruling that allows the government to seize private property has set off a fierce backlash that may yet be as potent as the anti-abortion movement "Seven days later [after the Kelo v. New London SCOTUS decision], by a ten-to-one margin, the Republican House of Representatives passed a motion […]

Holding Politicians Accountable

Remember that raise PA legislators gave themselves? Well, Operation Clean Sweep Pennsylvania isn't the only group torqued by it. Common Cause Pennsylvania wants in on the butt-kicking. "A citizens lobby called Common Cause/Pennsylvania is considering a wide range of options, including a lawsuit and two pieces of legislation, to fight the pay raise that state […]

Act 72

Pennsylvanian legislators have developed a plan for reducing school taxes. The alternate source of revenue would be slot machine profits. In order to take part in this program, called Act 72, school districts must opt in and lose some property tax revenue. The deadline for opting in is May 30. For various reasons, many districts […]