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The Bus Stops Here (or At Least It Used To)

Ed Rendell seemingly did a terrific job as mayor of Philadelphia. Aside from his pro-choice stance on abortion, I thought he could do a good job as governor of Pennsylvania. Perhaps I was wrong. He’s really screwing the pooch on this public transportation cutback. He’s being very “un-Democrat”.

New Demoncrats

Since when are New Democrats moderate?!? Extremely liberal socially and just as tied to the corporate asses the Republicans kiss. That sounds more like schizophrenic or bipolar to me, not moderate. Hillary Rodham Clinton emerges as moderate‘She has never been the wild lefty’

Too Close To Call?

In Pa. Governor's Race, A Democratic Divide It's a close race for the Democratic candidacy for the upcoming gubernatorial election in Pennsylvania. As a former resident of the Philly suburbs, I have a soft spot in my heart for Ed Rendell. On the other hand, he's pro-choice and a Gore supporter *shudder*. Casey's father was […]