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Intolerant Family

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced some of the familial anti-Catholicism this blogger describes. My mom is a bitter ex-Catholic and we often get into nasty arguments over religion. Compared the following situation, I’m quite lucky, though. My mother and I have a loving relationship filled with plenty of healthy communication. A good friend of mine had it […]


Moved by the Spirit to Govern BRASILIA, Brazil ? Most of the books on Adelor Vieira’s desk are what you’d expect for a congressman busy with the machinery of state: a copy of the civil code, a handy reference guide to laws on local governance. But tucked to one side, within easy reach, lies the […]

Cool Anglican

This is a pretty cool blog written by a high church Anglican. It’s good to see the breed hasn’t died out. Now if they’d just convert… πŸ˜‰ Pontifications Update 2007: Al “Pontificator” Kimmel” swam the Tiber a couple years ago. πŸ™‚