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Scandal Time

Much ink has been spilled over the abuse scandals in the Church, and Father Neuhaus (editor of my favorite magazine, First Things) has so far produced the most balanced assessment of the situation. Here are the links to his ongoing “Scandal Time” editorials in the past few editions of First Things. Scandal Time I Scandal […]

Cleaning House

I think the most important line in this article is the following. "Even if the figure were higher, it would still likely represent less than half of 1 percent of the 46,075 priests in the United States." AP: 177 Priests Removed in 28 States

Catholic Crisis

Here's a Washington Post article related to the previous post . Catholics: Church in Midst of A 'Crisis' "A growing majority of Catholics are sharply critical of the way the Roman Catholic Church has handled instances of child abuse by priests and believe the scandal has deeply tarnished the church's reputation, according to a national […]